About Us

Our Vision and Mission

The vision for Findora is a world with new financial infrastructure that services everyone with native privacy, programmability, self-sovereign identity, auditability and censorship resistance.


The foundation supports the core platform development of Findora, a public blockchain with programmable privacy.

Remembering John Powers

In July of 2020, after many months of battling multiple myeloma, John Powers passed away. He was 67 years young. John served as CEO of the Stanford endowment fund from 2006 to 2015. In addition to chairing Stanford’s endowment, John also had an extensive background on Wall Street that gave him the perspective as a principal, advisor and agent. John co-headed a private equity business at Credit Suisse and ran research at the renowned technology investment bank, Robertson Stephens. This gave him invaluable experience and put him face to face with many of the problems faced in finance today. John leaves behind a legacy that touched people around the world and a family that he loved dearly. His friends will forever remember him as JP; Findora will remember him as one of our founders. In the present day, the Findora team around the world is committed to building in the spirit of John, in order to make his vision a reality.

Advanced Research Institute

The Findora Foundation’s Advanced Research Institute has enlisted the help of leading experts, including leading professors from world-class universities, who specialize in advanced cryptography, multi-party computation and blockchain economics research to help build state-of-the-art technology for the Findora blockchain.

Dr. Whitfield Diffie

Senior Advisor

2015 Turing Award Winner

Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange


Dr. Jonathan Katz

Cryptography, University of Maryland

2019 ACM SIGSAC Outstanding Contribution Award

IACR Fellow

PhD, Columbia University

Dr. Vipul Goyal

Professor, Carnegie Mellon University

Microsoft Research


Dr. David Galindo

Professor, University of Birmingham

Applied Cryptography

Head of Cryptography at Fetch.AI

Will Cong

Professor, Cornell U Johnson School

Expert in Tokenomics and blockchain

Advisor, Wall Street Blockchain Alliance

PhD, Stanford Business School

Abhishek Jain*

Johns Hopkins University

2020 NSF CAREER Award

Microsoft Research

PhD in Cryptography, UCL.A

*Participation by Abhishek Jain as an advisor to Findora Foundation does not constitute or imply endorsement of Findora by Johns Hopkins University.

Findora Technology Stack

The Findora blockchain can be run as an open, permission-less network or a private, permissioned network. Findora enables programmability via APIs and other development tools, which support applications that range across a variety of industries.

Applications (Custody, Trading, Payments, Loans, Marketplaces, Compliance, etc.)

Platform (APIs, SDK, Dev Tools)

Public Ledger / Open Network

(Cryptography, Consensus, Staking)

Private Ledger / Closed Network

(Cryptography, Consensus, Staking, Hosting)

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