Blockchain-based Services


Blockchain-based Services Network (BSN), the Chinese government-backed blockchain infrastructure provider, has integrated with Findora into their cloud services platform via APIs and SDKs.

BSN was launched in 2020 to offer a unified blockchain ecosystem that allows developers to install low-cost, high-bandwidth cloud storage facilities, among other great benefits. The company was co-founded by state telecom giant China Mobile, UnionPay, and fintech Red Date. Its goal is to create a single domain that allows blockchain networks worldwide to communicate and operate with each other, in a unified ecosystem.

Through the Findora blockchain, BSN hopes to be able to offer users inside and outside China, the technology necessary for financial applications that preserve privacy and solutions demanded by global financial institutions such as the issuance and transfer of traceable financial assets, thanks to the zero-knowledge technology applied by Findora on its blockchain.

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